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Energy AuditsAuditing

The first step in saving energy is to understand where it is being used. An energy audit accomplishes this task and provides a list of Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s) for the owner’s review. Typically, many ECM’s will have zero or minimal cost to implement, while others may require considerable investment.

Whether your goal is to save energy costs now, minimize the impact of future price increases, reduce carbon footprint, convert to renewables, utilize onsite waste as fuel or be energy independent, it all starts with an energy audit.

Efficiency ImprovementsImproving energy plan

Building envelope, lighting, boilers, chillers, HVAC, compressors, pumps, and motors all offer opportunities for improved energy efficiency. Power factor correction, energy management systems, waste heat recovery, increased utilization of on-site waste fuels, fuel switching and CHP (combined heat and power) are other possibilities. Utility incentive rebates are available for most of the above improvements.

On the renewable side, biomass, geothermal, solar and wind may qualify for grants, special financing, and tax credits. We can assist with all of these.

Project DevelopmentDeveolping

The Nielsen Group understands the complexities of project development. Process engineering, cost estimating, environmental, project finance, construction, and operational considerations are all important, as is the evaluation and selection of partners such as vendors, contractors, and architects.



Project Managementproject management

We can coordinate the activities of all stakeholders to meet project deliverables including schedule, scope, startup and close out.





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